Y20 Prismatic Acrylic Light Diffuser

Excellent diffusing panel for light control of T5 lamps and T8 fluorescent lamps


Y20 Acrylic lenses have a raised prismatic pattern of 3.1mm square base male cones running parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the lens. The overall pattern provides a soft surface appearance, good lamp obscurity and very low brightness at angles close to the horizontal.

Y20 clear is a low-brightness, sparkling crystal lens that provides maximum efficiency and excellent control in the direct glare zone.


Acrylic material used in Y20 meets or exceeds recognised standards.  Under normal interior conditions, these lenses will perform satisfactorily for 20 years.

Y20 is manufactured from 100% Acrylic (Polymethylmethacrylate). Flammability Rating-UL94 HB.


(Based on photometric tests)

  • Light output ratio of 91%
  • Typical unified glare rating of 17


  • General offices
  • Computer rooms
  • Schools and colleges
  • Hospitals
  • Supermarkets


Y20 is 3.4mm thick with prestressed arch to span 1200mm x 600mm