Y15 Prismatic Acrylic Light Diffuser

An attractive diffuser offering an alternative choice for discerning lighting designers


Y15 has been engineered to provide the ridged structural characteristics needed to span extra-wide luminaries while presenting a flawlessly flat appearance. The large 9.5mm square based female prisms, which run parallel and perpendicular to the length and width of the panel, create an aesthetically pleasing appearance that has seen Y15 used in many architectural applications.


Acrylic material used in Y15 meets or exceeds recognised standards. Under normal interior conditions, these lenses will perform satisfactorily for 20 years.

Y15 is manufactured from 100% Acrylic (Polymethylmethacrylate). Flammability Rating-UL94 HB.


(Based on photometric tests)

  • Light output ratio of 82%
  • Typical unified glare rating of 18


  • Retail areas
  • Illuminated ceilings
  • Skydomes
  • Natural lighting
  • General office


Prism Depth:  3.9mm
Thickness:  4.4mm

Prism size:  4.7mm x 4.7mm
Prism config. Male square to sheet
Prism depth:  2mm

Max width:  1270mm
Max length:  2540mm