Significantly stronger than plate glass and acrylic, polycarbonate sheet provides increased protection against high-traffic use, vandalism and theft.

Polycarbonate thermoplastic, commonly known as Lexan™, is used widely as an impact-resistant acrylic. Tough and durable, polycarbonate is usually associated with applications requiring high impact or repeated use such as machinery or walkway protective barriers and barricades.

Polycarbonate is more dimensionally stable than acrylic over a wide temperature range. And, compared to acrylic, it is only slightly less transparent. Standard polycarbonate doesn't weather well over time however there are different grades of UV rating that increases its outdoor life.

290x stronger than glass and less than half its weight, offering good UV and fire protection it is ideal for outdoor glazing and buildings that need to be safe and secure.  The surface is softer compared to acrylic so is more prone to scratching.

Some common uses for polycarbonate sheet are machine guards, light lenses, doors, racing car windows, DVDs, protective enclosures such as bus shelters, safety barriers, etc.