Material Range

Clear & Opal

Clear and Opal acrylics are widely considered to be the most dynamic of all the acrylics today because of their sheer diversity of usage.
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Prismatic Light DIffusers

Prismatic light diffusers are typically sought after for various fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures.
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Coloured Acrylics

Coloured acrylic is easily cut & manipulated into shape... all manner of products can be derived from its use.
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Polycarbonate (Lexan)

Polycarbonate is able to withstand high impact whilst maintaining clear glass-like properties.
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Transparent & Fluro

Transparent acrylics are widely used in displays or screens & Fluro acrylic can be used to create highlight effects for retail displays.
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Industrial Plastics

- HDPE - PETG - HIPS - Styrene & Polypropelene - Industrial PVC


Frosted acrylic has a diversity of usages with its soft and visually pleasing appeal.
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Expanded PVC

This lightweight yet durable material is unsurpassed in its variety of applications.