Acrylic FAQ

Acrylic Frequently Asked Questions

What is Acrylic Cut To Size?

Acrylic, widely known as Plexiglas™ or Perspex® acrylic is available in a wide range of variants, available in cast and …

Image of coloured acrylic sheets
Why use acrylic?

Acrylic —commonly known as Perspex® or Plexiglass™— is extremely versatile and can be used in applications as diverse as signs, POS/POP displays, visual communication, window glazing, acoustics, design, architecture, furniture, …

Business Solutions

Beautiful & Functional

From simple brochure holders to elegant office signage, even functional industry templates, Image Plastics' ability to supply pristine business solutions is limited only by your imagination!


Domestic Solutions
We have modern solutions for all your domestic design needs

Custom cut name sign "Olivia"

We can cut to size Perspex® or acrylic (Plexiglass™) for any innovative home design ideas, including furniture protection, swimming pool

Trade Show Solutions

Showcase with Style

Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate your business with dramatic flair.

At Image Plastics, we are exclusively equipped to realise any marketing vision

Signage Solutions

Stand out with Custom Signage

Using the multitude of methods at our disposal, let us produce a uniquely customised sign, laser cut or LED lit, in your desired material and
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