Chose Acrylic for dynamic fabrication

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One of the most popular and attractive materials for display and imaging is Acrylic.

Image Plastics has a sound foundation working with Acrylic in all its applications... Acrylic, Perspex®, Plexiglass™ and all other types of plastic sheets.

As one of the largest acrylic display companies in Australia, the Company employs the latest, state-of-the-art computer controlled (CNC) laser and router machining as well as flatbed digital printing processes for unsurpassed production efficiency, product precision and quality control.

We employ a team of skilled product designers and acrylic fabricators who have a depth of experience in working with acrylic in all its applications.

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We are also able to cut to size or shape:

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Acrylic, Plywood, Aluminium composite, Polycarbonate, Foam PVC (Polyvinyl chloride), Styrene, ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), & MDF (Medium-density fibreboard).

Using the latest in laser and CNC cut technology, our designers can bring your needs to life.  An advantage of laser cutting is that it gives you a naturally polished edge simply from the process itself. The various materials respond differently and therefore require different methods of cut to achieve the aim.

Displays that we manufacturer

  • Custom Perspex® & Acrylic Displays
  • CNC Cut Engineering components
  • Custom Perspex® & Acrylic Retail Store Displays
  • Custom Perspex® & Acrylic Cosmetic Displays
  • Custom Perspex ® & Acrylic Signage

Why use Acrylic?

Acrylic —commonly known as Perspex® or Plexiglass™— is extremely versatile and can be used in applications as diverse as signs, POS/POP displays, visual communication, window glazing, acoustics, design, architecture, furniture, kitchen and bathroom splash-backs - the list is almost endless!

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What are the advantages of using Acrylic?

  • High shock, abrasion and flex resistance.
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance (applies to clear only).
  • Low density/lightweight compared with glass.
  • Clear sheeting offers excellent optical clarity.