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Custom cut name sign "Olivia"

We can cut to size Perspex® or acrylic (Plexiglass™) for any innovative home design ideas, including furniture protection, swimming pool fences, kitchen and bathroom splash-backs, lighting, digital prints... The opportunities are endless!

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Child Barriers

Safety with style
Make your home safe from curious fingers and tottering toddlers, even four-legged family members, with our custom-made acrylic and Perspex® barriers.

Pool Fencing

Prime visibility
Protect your children and pets with an aesthetically pleasing uninterrupted view of your pool and surrounding yard. We strictly adhere to all Australian Standards.

Table Tops

Strength and elegance

Provide your home with an imperceptible furniture solution – clear acrylic table tops which will open up any space.  They can also protect your valuable wooden table from stains and scratches.