The Power of Laser

Image Plastics is constantly searching for newer ways of producing acrylic products more efficiently and have invested in the latest in laser cutting technology.

As a leading supplier and fabricator of Perspex® and Acrylic displays, we've taken projects from the design stage through to manufactured and shipped very large volumes. These displays can be viewed in most major retail outlets throughout Australia. 

With a bed size of 2470mm x 1220mm and the ability to cut up to 30mm thick material we have increased the scope for design and manufacture much further than was originally possible.

We specialise in laser cutting custom acrylic parts, however, we are capable of cutting MDF, rubber, foam and various other plastics and timbers.

Image of laser cut sign "Prove Yourself Wrong" by Image PlasticsWhy Choose Laser Cutting?

  • Laser cutting is at the forefront of CNC technology.
  • Fully automated reducing human error.
  • Accurate to 0.02mm allows intricate shapes to be cut.
  • No special tooling costs.
  • Rapid cost-effective prototyping.
  • The finished product - The laser gives a finished edged eliminating the process of flaming or mechanical polishing.
  • For repeat jobs, the first cut will be the same as the last therefore you can count on consistency every time.
  • No clamping and increased accuracy reduce sheet wastage, therefore, increasing your sheet yield. This means you don't pay for the material that gets recycled reducing overall cost.
  • Reduced risk of surface damage.

Laser Etching

Image of Laser Etching example "Handsome Devils Co & Supply" by Image PlasticsLaser etching is the art of using a low power laser to skim and lightly burn only the first few millimetres of the surface of a material.

The effect varies depending on the material used but is typically very visually effective.